Wine bootle - La Carbonnode La Soufrandière

La Soufrandière La Carbonnode

Organic Farming Demeter Cuvée ZEN
2 hectare
250 metres
Vinification and Ageing
9 days Carbonic maceration, aged in barrel during 17 months

A carbonic maceration for a white wine

La Carbonnode is the result of a Carbonic maceration on La Bonnode. This is a truly unique cuvée, made with a whole cluster fermentation on our Chardonnay grapes. After a 9-day maceration in a closed tank, the grapes were pressed, and fermentation finished in barrel (228 liters). With a slightly orange tint, a zesty and expressive nose, it’s an enticing, outside-the-box kind of wine. An exercise in changing the world while sharing a bottle amongst friends ;-)

Wine label - La Carbonnode La Soufrandière
Wine bootle - La Carbonnode La Soufrandière
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